Our Story

If not now, when? If not us, who?

I’ve seen too many people fall through the cracks, and I wanted to support & build a game-changing solution.

Andrew Price, Co-Founder

I knew if all agencies could leverage the right technology, they could transform how they deliver care, together.

Daniel Brillman, Co-Founder

After the Military, I experienced the exhausting and fragmented resource market for myself, and knew I needed to fix it.

Taylor Justice, Co-Founder

Through our own experiences, we determined that the service delivery system in the health & human services industry was fragmented, inefficient, and frustrating for both consumers seeking care and providers trying to provide the best services for their clients.

We initially focused on helping communities deliver more efficient and comprehensive services for a demographic we know well and is close to our hearts: Veterans and Military families. It became clear that when services are delivered in a person-centered and coordinated fashion, it leads to better outcomes.

We knew that if innovative software were in the hands of all organizations and services in the country, it could truly bring together public, private, and non-profit agencies, and dynamically change communities and innovate our government’s systems. 

Our goal is, and will always be to streamline access, navigation, and coordination of all services and care, improving the overall health of communities.

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