Meet Our Team

We may come from different professional backgrounds but we all share a common awareness and drive to improve communities across the country with our technology.


Dan Brillman

Co-Founder & CEO

Dan is passionate about helping others and tackling tough issues. After graduating from Yale University, Dan entered the finance world in NYC, but knew he wanted something more. He later joined the Air Force Reserves as a pilot and still serves today. After several combat deployments, Dan graduated from Columbia Business School in 2012 and began his entrepreneurial work with Scout Ventures, a Venture Capital firm, while teaming up with his Unite Us co-founders. He enjoys all sports… but only teams from Philadelphia...

If Dan could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Teddy Roosevelt, Neil Armstrong, and John Kruk.

Taylor Justice

Co-Founder & President

Taylor began his entrepreneurial journey shortly after he left the military in 2007. He is often evangelizing the need for collaboration technology within most industries. Taylor holds academic allegiance to West Point and Columbia (MBA). He enjoys the company of innovative thinkers and witty minds, has an abnormal obsession with documentaries, and loves reading the histories of successful leaders. Taylor lives in New York City with his wife Meghan.

If Taylor could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Bill Burr, Winston Churchill, and Tony Stark a.k.a. Ironman (as played by Robert Downey Jr.)

Andrew Price

Co-Founder & Director of Outreach

Andrew has been in development and outreach for many years. He is passionate about the military and helping the ones that keep us safe is what he’s all about. As a co-founder and Director of Outreach, he is able to tap a great network of businesses and professionals in different fields. He is an avid outdoorsman, skier, golfer, and sport shooter.

If Andrew could choose 2 famous best friends they would be Ronald Reagan and Kelly Slater.

Skye Brillman

Chief Canine Officer

Skye is a Golden Retriever born January 13, 2017, originally from Swan Lake, NY and now lives in NYC with her parents. Skye's primary responsibilities at Unite Us include welcoming visitors, napping, and keeping the floors clean. She is passionate about helping others, finishing their meals, and is always willing to help clear the sidewalks of pigeons.

Skye graduated Premier Dog Training’s Puppy Bootcamp at the bottom of her class with regard to skills but is a highly capable networker. She prefers a flexible work schedule and makes appearances at the office when peanut butter is rumored to be available. Skye's interests include squirrels, the insides of fluffy toys, and her parents' doorman.

If Skye could choose 3 famous best friends it would be the alleged inventors of peanut butter: Skippy, Jif, and Peter Pan.

Network Development & Marketing

Steve Strauss

Head of Network Development

Steve is a reformed attorney and former non-profiteer. Fresh out of law school, he clerked for a Criminal Division judge in the Newark, NJ Superior Court. Later, he dug into a corporate litigation career. Before long, Steve was overcome by his passion for social justice. He joined an NYC antipoverty nonprofit and spent several years helping to bring the program to national scale. Steve was thrilled to join the Unite Us team. Through his Network Development role, he gets to meet tons of great service providers and forward-thinking government leaders. Outside the office, Steve enjoys Mets baseball, news-satire tv programming, and adventurous NYC eats.

If Steve could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Imhotep, Hermione Granger, and Bill Murray.

Jennifer Humphrey

Network Development Account Director

Jennifer is a former allopathic medical student driven to make a difference for the most vulnerable patients around the country. An expert in improving health outcomes and optimizing hospital utilization, Jennifer previously worked in healthcare analytics as Regional Territory Manager for the entire Midwest and Western United States. A nationally sought speaker who specializes in business development and physician consulting, Jennifer has worked with some of the nation’s largest and most esteemed integrated delivery networks. Prior to her roles within HIT, Jennifer completed internships at the National Institutes of Health, Center for Cancer Research, and University of South Carolina Cancer Genetics Lab, as well as served as Clinical Research Coordinator for international nephrology drug development trials. With multiple publications, including peer-reviewed academic medical journals, Jennifer enjoys cooking, entertaining, impressionist art, yoga, listening to the Rolling Stones, and traveling the world (preferably to locations where drinks come in coconuts).

If Jennifer could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Charles Darwin, John Lennon, and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

David McDonald

Network Development Account Director

Luke Ingles

Network Development Representative

Luke is a United States Navy veteran who served 6 years as an Aviation Rescue Swimmer and Aerial Gunner. He was stationed in Norfolk, Va. and deployed three times to the Persian Gulf. After his military commitment, Luke is excited to join the Unite Us Team. Luke is passionate about improving the lives of veterans, military families and people throughout his community. Luke is also a miserable Jets, Mets, and Rangers fan.

If Luke could choose 3 famous best friends, they would be Anthony Bourdain, Scott Van Pelt and Dwight K. Schrute.

Sheeba Ibidunni

Network Development Account Director

Sheeba always knew she wanted to work in healthcare and promote social justice. She obtained a BA in Biology & Society from Cornell University, where she could explore the intersection between science and social concerns, and the complex relationship between biological and sociocultural forces. From there she earned a Master of Health Services Administration degree from the University of Michigan, School of Public Health. Since then, she has committed her career to increasing access to healthcare, for those who have historically been marginalized and considered vulnerable. In the Medicaid space, she has managed and implemented a program for evidenced-based, person-centered policy design, managed primary care networks, designed and tested models of behavioral health integration, and launched innovative tele-mental health programs. She understands the impact of multiple funding streams, effects of psycho-social issues on health, and the strength of coalition building and stakeholder engagement. Sheeba is excited to work with Unite Us to continue her quest to evolve the way people interact with the health system, and is dedicated to achieving long lasting change through inclusive development and accountable governance. In her spare time, you can find her sweating as she struggles to increase her endurance, laughing with family & friends, and curating an eye glasses collection.

If Sheeba could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Steve Biko, Fela Kuti, and Chimamanda Adichie.

John Paul Perez

Network Development Account Director

John Paul has a passion for building strong communities that address the social determinants of health and lift people out of poverty. He has dedicated the past 20 years of his life to non-profit work managing over 30 different programs encompassing 50 private, city, county, state, and federal funders. His roles in non-profit have included Residential Assistant, Case Manager, Clinical Therapist, Department Director, DSRIP Sr. Project Manager, and Vice President. Through the years his programs have served well over 30,000 individuals and have made or accepted countless referrals. Before joining our team, John Paul was a customer of Unite US.

If John Paul could choose 3 famous best friends they would be: Chewbacca, George Eastman, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Sabina Loscalzo

Marketing Director

After graduating from The Elliott School at George Washington University, Sabina moved to New York City to begin her career in marketing at AXA, a French insurance company. Her background in marketing and her passion for community development brought her to Unite Us as Marketing Manager. In her free time, Sabina loves to cook, explore new places, and advocate for individuals with Down Syndrome.

If Sabina could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Anthony Bourdain, Massimo Bottura, and Alexander Humboldt.

Ally Pratt

Digital Marketing Associate

After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Psychobiology, Ally moved to NYC to explore digital marketing with Unite Us. Ally is passionate about everything marketing – from writing to graphic design to tracking data and analytics. She especially loves to investigate the intersection of strategic and creative decision-making. Ally is a perfectionist with a dream to inspire and tell stories that need to be told. In her free time, Ally enjoys vegan food, dog-spotting, and Netflix documentaries.

If Ally could choose three famous best friends, they would be Emma Watson, Hayao Miyazaki, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Keith Nicholson

Content Marketing Associate

After graduating from Boston College, Keith moved back to New York City and began his entrepreneurial journey, founding Shoots Media. Becoming fascinated with visual storytelling, Keith took a deep dive into branding through the mediums of cinematography and graphic design. Working on the front lines with clientele from various industries, he found that all brands have a unique story to tell. The passion to tell these stories drove him forward in his marketing endeavors, bringing Keith to Unite Us as a Content Marketing Associate. In his free time, Keith enjoys golfing, landscape photography and sci-fi films and novels.

If Keith could choose three famous best friends, they would be Erik Karlsson, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Kvothe (King Killer Chronicles)

Shadi Garman

Marketing Manager

Shadi is the Partnership Marketing Manager at Unite Us, and is passionate about storytelling. She was born in Iran and raised near Seattle. Shadi has a BA in Human Services from Western Washington University and an MA in International Affairs from The New School. She has a background in social impact and marketing in the film industry. In her free time, Shadi enjoys photography, people watching, and discovering delicious food. According to online quizzes, Shadi is a Hufflepuff.

If Shadi could choose 3 famous best friends, they would be: Chrissy Teigen, Michelle Obama, and Dolly Parton.

Kelsey Ranta

Senior Director Sales Operations and Strategy

Stacey Sivak

Chief Revenue Officer

Jack Carter

Sales & Marketing Operations Manager

Ariana Majerus

Proposals Manager

Customer Success

Micheline Tocco

Head of Customer Success

As an Account Manager at Unite Us, Micheline is passionate about helping our clients get the most from our partnership. She comes with a background in health and education, and her core expertise is in people and program management. After completing her degree in International Business at the University of Maryland, College Park, Micheline served as a Fulbright Scholar in Madrid, Spain, where she developed her love for teaching and travel. She enjoys dancing, fitness, and cooking up a storm, and can often be found planning her next outdoor adventure.

If Micheline could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Tina Fey, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Brian Longo

Senior Account Manager

A friendly and energetic people person, Brian strives to make every customer feel like part of the Unite Us family. For the past 3 years, Brian has worked alongside innovative communities to design and implement the Unite Us solution. He finds joy in teaching both his colleagues and clients and in watching them succeed.

With a background in Sales and Service, and a Bachelor's in European History, Brian's experience is as assorted as his personality. While not at work you can find him slaying dragons and in your neighborhood tavern.

If Brian could have 3 famous best friends they would be Tyrion Lannister, Qui-Gon Jin, and Dwayne ``The Rock`` Johnson.

Molly Blumgart

Kaiser Permanente Deputy National Director

Molly brings a depth of experience in grant and network management in the nonprofit world to her role as Community Engagement Manager with Unite Us. She graduated with a BA in History and Hispanic Studies from the College of William & Mary, and moved up to New York a short time later. With a background in anti-poverty programs and healthcare access, Molly is passionate about the intersection of healthcare and social services. In her free time, she loves to explore the city’s ever-expanding barbecue scene, poke around used book stores, and find new running paths.

If Molly could choose three famous best friends, they would be: Michelle Obama, Margaret Atwood, and Ava DuVernay.

Carole Sayegh

Senior Account Manager

Rachel McMillan

Account Manager

As a member of the account management team at Unite Us, Rachel is passionate about connecting community members to resources and closing the loop on client and patient care. She has a background in international development, marketing, and SaaS customer success as well as global experience studying/working in Senegal, France, Nepal, Ghana, Tanzania, Abu Dhabi, and Cuba. She has a Bachelor’s in International Relations from Washington University in St. Louis and an MPH from NYU. She enjoys travel, group fitness, walking around New York, and ice cream.

If Rachel could choose 3 famous best friends they would be: Barack, Margot Robbie and Brene Brown.

Olivia Button

Customer Success Operations Manager

After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Public Health, Olivia moved to New York City to complete a service year with AmeriCorps as an Adolescent Health Educator. She loves studying the intersection between identity and health care access and brings to the Unite US team her experience in training and program coordination. In her free time, Olivia enjoys writing, riding her bike to new neighborhoods, and listening to live jazz.

If Olivia could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Amy Poehler, Phoebe Robinson, and Ira Glass.

Anna Mae Green

Community Engagement Manager

Angela Petriello

Customer Success Manager

An alumna of NYU with a BA in Anthropology and Spanish, Angela has always been interested in helping vulnerable communities gain access to social services and healthcare. After serving in AmeriCorps, connecting low-income communities to nutrition resources, she worked with Care for the Homeless, a network of FQHCs serving homeless men, women, and children. Angela’s passion for improving health and social service systems through the use of data and technology developed at CFH as she launched new programs, managed federal grants, and supervised clinic administration. Angela is excited to bring her background in non-profit and operations management to the Unite Us team! Outside of the office, Angela enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, seeing live music, mentoring students, and traveling.

If Angela could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Janelle Monae, Michelle Obama, and Octavia Butler.

Alyssa Kirschenbaum

Customer Success Representative

Alyssa's passion for equitable health care opportunities and improved population health led her to receive her BS in Social Work and Education Studies at Skidmore College and her MSW at the University of Pennsylvania. As an intern for Planned Parenthood and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, she saw the need for high-quality resources in vulnerable communities. Born and raised in NYC Alyssa is excited to return home and join the Unite Us team. Alyssa is a big fan of running in Central Park or doing yoga, eating pizza, and listening to Pod Save America (most likely all at the same time).

If Alyssa could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Barack Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, and Cecile Richards.

Mary Bier

Account Manager

Mary has always been drawn to helping others and solving problems. This led her to work in the software and technology field, where she's enjoyed working strategically with clients in account and project management. Mary graduated from California Lutheran University with a B.A. in Spanish and holds an MBA from the same alma mater. She's passionate about travel, finding the best happy hours, and adventuring off the beaten path. Mary lives in West Point, New York with her husband and two children.

If Mary could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Michelle Obama, Sheryl Sandberg and Clay Matthews (Go Pack Go!)

Megan Carlson

Megan Lee Carlson

Community Engagement Manager

After graduating from North Carolina State University with a degree in biology, Megan received her Master’s of Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Feeling the pull to her college roots, Megan moved back to Raleigh to pursue a career in public health. While in the triangle area, Megan has been able to build her reputation as a health outcome-driven professional with a passion for engaging community partners throughout the state. In her free time, she enjoys game nights with friends, couch time with her family, and randomly singing 90’s hip-hop/Broadway show tunes to herself.

If Megan could choose 3 famous best friends, they would be Beyoncé, Michael Scott, and Julia Roberts.

Morgan Forrester

Community Engagement Manager

Morgan is a systems thinker, rooted in creating equitable systems for all, especially vulnerable populations. She is a multi-skilled program administrator with robust experience in the government and non-profit sectors, primarily working with health and child development programs. Upon graduating with her master’s in Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Morgan worked at the North Carolina Partnership for Children enhancing the early developmental screening system in North Carolina. Prior to coming to Unite Us, Morgan managed the Children’s Trust Fund grant at the North Carolina Division of Social Services. When Morgan isn’t working at Unite Us, she is supporting women as a Birth Doula, cooking up a storm, playing with her dog, and planning her next travel adventure.

If Morgan could pick 3 famous best friends they would be Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama, and Issa Rae. Bonus: Jen Hatmaker

Georgina Dukes

Project Manager

Georgina is a social justice advocate and is passionate about using healthcare as a vehicle to create social innovation. Georgina began her career in healthcare administration while a public health student at Clemson University, where she managed student and primary care clinics in low-income, rural areas. She has a masters degree in health administration from the Medical University of South Carolina where she continued to build her experience in healthcare through academic medical center strategic operations. After graduation, she was awarded the Duke Health Administrative Fellowship where she executed on projects bridging the gap between community health and hospital operations. When Georgina is not working, you can find her with her son, Romeo, either blogging on a life experience, dressed as a superhero at a Marvel Movie premiere, attending a local sports event, or advocating for equity with communities in need!

If Georgina could choose 3 famous best friends, they would be Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg, and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Molly McAleer

Molly McAleer

Customer Success Manager

Molly's background in public health began with a desire to have a positive impact on the health of her community. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor's in Public Health, she went on to pursue her Master's of Public Health concentrating in behavioral sciences and health promotion. Through her professional work with organizations based in health equity and access, she developed an interest in the need to bridge the gaps between health care and human services while focusing on whole-person wellness. She is thrilled to bring her experience to uphold the mission of Unite Us through the coordination of care while addressing the social determinants of health. In her free time, Molly enjoys spending time outdoors, seeing live music, watching documentaries and traveling.

If Molly could choose 3 famous best friends, they would be Jenny Slate, Cheryl Strayed and Jessica Williams.

Christopher Perry-Coon

Account Manager

Originally hailing from the Albany area, Christopher has spent most of his career working to improve the health of vulnerable populations in and around the boroughs of New York City. After finishing a B.A. in History at Yale University with a concentration in public health ethics, he completed his MPH at Columbia University, where he examined the impact of social determinants of health on the design, implementation, and evaluation of public health programs. He most recently spent five years managing system-level projects and initiatives for Northwell Health and has loved reconnecting with his passion for strategic community capacity building as a member of the Unite Us team. In his spare time, he can be found singing in the semi-professional chamber chorus he co-founded in 2014, spending hours browsing the historical series on Wikipedia, or scouring Brooklyn for a red sauce as good as his grandmother’s.

If Christopher could choose three famous friends, they would be Bill Nye (the Science Guy), Rihanna, and Amy Sedaris.

Eugene Kim

Customer Success Representative

Serving others and developing better processes have been two organizing principles for Eugene, leading him into the healthcare sector where opportunities to innovate in both abound. He studied Public Health at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he also worked as a patient advocate based in Hasbro Children’s Hospital. His experience working with families and community-based organizations has instilled in him the belief that empathy and efficiency are crucial to the experience of care, and even more so for its coordination--which brings him to Unite Us! Eugene is excited to bring this experience and understanding to the team. Outside the office, he can be found writing, walking, or sitting in silence.

If Eugene could have three famous best friends, they would be Ron Swanson, Leslie Knope, and April Ludgate.

Dhanyel Barnes

Customer Success Manager

Dhanyel is a Public Health professional committed to increasing health equity through innovation. While earning a Masters in Public Health from George Washington University, Dhanyel launched her career at an FQHC. During her time there she established several programs to expand patient services and was instrumental in helping gain PCMH certification. Dhanyel believes that addressing the unmet social needs of individuals and communities is critical to reducing preventable health disparities. Outside of work, Amber enjoys traveling abroad, cooking and curating new tea blends.

If she could choose three famous best friends they would be Rihanna, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Zora Neale Hurston.

Jimmy Fisher

North Carolina State Director

David Caress

Regional NW Director, Kaiser Permanente

David is a quality improvement leader with a track record of designing, leading and implementing strategic initiatives that promote quality, safety, and value across health care systems. David has an MSW from Hunter College, an MBA in Healthcare Administrator from Baruch College and is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality. When David is not working you can find him backpacking, kayaking or reading at coffee shops throughout the Pacific Northwest.

If David could choose 3 famous friends, they would be Ernest Hemmingway, Abraham Lincoln, and Atul Gawande.

Neesha Rose

Customer Success Manager

Neesha is committed to reducing health disparities for marginalized communities. After completing her BA in Government and Women’s Studies at Smith College, she returned to New York City and completed a 10-month national service program with AmeriCorps at a federally qualified health center. In her role, she supported the diabetes care team and learned first-hand the impact of SDoH on health outcomes. Yearning to create systems-level change in healthcare, Neesha began her career with the NYC Department of Small Business Services in the Workforce Development Division, where she managed the implementation of a portfolio of healthcare job training programs. She is excited to join Unite Us and work alongside a team focused on improving health outcomes across the country. She is currently completing an MPH at SUNY Downstate Medical Center School of Public Health. When she’s not in the office, Neesha loves to watch Jeopardy, blog about her travel experiences, and read young adult novels (because she’s still a kid at heart).

If Neesha could choose 3 famous best friends they would be: Lisa Simpson, Celine Dion, and Michelle Obama.

Dorai Raz

Customer Success Network Analyst

After Dorai completed her military service in the Israeli Defense Force, she went on a backpacking journey for 5 months throughout Central America. Her 5 month journey extended to almost 7 years when she decided to build her life in California.

After she completed her AA’s in Global studies & Sociology at SBCC, she transferred to University of California, Berkeley where she completed her BS in Environmental Sustainability & Food Systems. During her Bachelor's she was exposed to environmental & social problems and how they are interconnected with human health. She found her passion lies within public health, and collaborated closely with Food Systems co-lead at Cornell University on a professional research in the field of Global Nutritional Health, where she abstracted comparative data analysis of fish species in Africa & Bangladesh to minimize hunger.

Her interests in innovation sparked during her experience in Business Innovation for Sustainability internship in Geneva, Switzerland where she studied supply chains' data of companies to discover solutions for cost optimization while minimizing social and environmental impacts.

Outside of the office, as a certified Lagree Fitness trainer, she is trying to align those two passions together. She loves to explore food options in the city, travel, and dogs and sloths are her favorites animals.

If Dorai could meat three famous people they would be, Mahatma Gandhi, David Schwimmer, and Golda Meir.

Michaela Ferrari

Community Engagement Manager

Michaela brings a diverse set of public health experiences to her role as Community Engagement Manager. This includes conducting evaluations and redesigns of public insurance programs at UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research, coordinating the Turnaway Study at UCSF’s ANSIRH research program, and designing and conducting her own study of reproductive health stigma as a Fulbright Fellow in the Republic of Georgia. Most recently, Michaela served as the Director of Policy at LA Best Babies Network, where she led a collective impact network to support perinatal and early childhood home visiting programs in Los Angeles. During her time there, she helped develop a Countywide plan for universal access to home visiting services, including efforts to better coordinate referrals to services for pregnant women and young children. Living and breathing the frustrations of trying to coordinate care for families across systems and service providers is what led Michaela to Unite Us. Michaela has a BA from Oberlin College and an MPH from UC Berkeley. In her free time, she enjoys running, seeing live music, and feeding her nieces and nephews sugar (and then giving them back to their parents).

If she could pick three famous best friends, they would be Melissa McCarthy, Hillary Clinton, and David Rose (Daniel Levy).

Celia Higueras

Community Engagement Manager

Jonathan Guzman

Customer Success Manager

In school and work, Jonathan developed a passion for connecting health and technology to improve outcomes and increase accessibility to key resources. He attended Tulane University for both undergrad and graduate school where he studied public health and health systems development. His graduate research focused on how blockchain technology could impact health care. In the time between undergrad and graduate school, Jonathan worked as a health coach and operations analyst for a digital health startup based in Palo Alto and attended a coding boot camp in his hometown of Albuquerque. He also has experience working with community health programs, mentorship programs, and more. During grad school, Jonathan worked as a line cook and taught K-8th grade kids how to cook.

Outside of work Jonathan loves to eat and cook new tasty dishes, play rugby, and cheer on the New Orleans Saints. Who Dat!

If Jonathan could choose three famous friends, they would be Jackie Robinson, Samin Nosrat, and James Blake.

Vivi Vo

Customer Success Manager

After receiving her BA in Public Health at the University of Rochester, Vivi received her MPH in Epidemiology and Health Policy and Practice at Columbia University. Through a public health and technology lens, Vivi aims to understand how innovations can be used to make health systems and healthcare access more efficient and effective for vulnerable populations. Her array of experiences include exploring health technology through a policy lens at the National Academy of Medicine, conducting health technology research from a global perspective at Aix-Marseille, and analyzing uptake of such tools at the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University. Additionally, Vivi is passionate about global health and has experience working in France, Niger, and Vietnam. She is excited to see how healthcare technology can support and bridge healthcare gaps within developing countries’ infrastructure to produce healthier communities. Outside of work, Vivi enjoys traveling, coffee tasting, and browsing Reddit.

If Vivi could have three famous best friends, they would be Justin Baldoni, Keanu Reaves, and Shailene Woodley

Kristena Armwood

Customer Success Representative

Kate Geouge Brown

Customer Success Manager

Simply put, Kate has a passion for helping people. A native of western North Carolina, Kate attended Appalachian State University, earning a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy. She worked for nearly ten years in the non-profit sector as a board certified clinical music therapist (MT-BC) – first in Chicago in hospice and palliative care, and then with children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities in the school systems and communities of theNC Triangle. Ready for a new challenge, Kate transitioned into the customer success world at an online learning management company focused on compliance and continuing education training for healthcare professionals. Kate is excited to now be part of the Unite Us team, and the mission to build stronger, healthier communities. Kate is a proud resident of Durham, NC; she and her husband love to explore the Bull City, especially local businesses, art, music, and food culture. She is critter mama to rescue animals Tater, the one-eyed orange tabby, and June the beagle. She loves crafting, cooking, design, and of course, making music.

If Kate could choose 3 famous best friends they would be: Dolly Parton, Melissa McCarthy, and Karen Kilgariff.

Hannah Sawyer

Customer Success Representative

Hannah came to Unite Us to pursue her passion for social entrepreneurship and
community development. She was most recently in Santiago de Chile, where she taught business English at one of the country’s leading social enterprises and was instrumental in the successful B Corp bid of ÓBOLO Chocolate (free samples were included). Hannah is a North Carolina native (Go Heels!) and previously worked in Raleigh as a Senior Associate at Coleman Research. She is active in NC’s vibrant refugee community and is thoroughly convinced that business can be a great instrument for good. Hannah graduated from Cornell University in 2015 and did indeed witness Andy from The Office giving a speech on campus.

If Hannah could choose three famous friends they’d be Condoleezza Rice, Jennifer Lopez, and Tim Keller.

Abi Bussone

Community Engagement Manager

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in Spanish and a minor in Community Health Education, Abi received her Master’s of Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Being born and raised in North Carolina, Abi was eager to begin her career in public health in Halifax County at the local Health Department. While in Halifax Abi has been able to build partnerships across the region while advancing public health outcomes in rural North Carolina. When Abi isn’t working, you can find her at the beach or walking her two dogs, Lucy and JB.

If Abi could choose 3 famous best friends they would be, Kristen Wiig, Dolly Parton, and Andy Cohen.

Marisa Murugan

Customer Success Representative

A New Jersey native, Marisa attended the University of Arizona and received her B.S in speech, language, and hearing sciences. Longing to make a direct impact in local communities, she subsequently completed her MPH. After gaining experience from various nonprofits, she learned that innovative thinking and the power of technology could transform how care is received within our society. Marisa is passionate about public health and addressing the social injustices various communities face. She found Unite Us by her drive in seeking out work that is both meaningful and positively contributing to the fragmented areas of society.

Marisa’s determination to improve society as a whole through innovation has empowered her to pursue an MBA at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business. When she’s not at Unite Us, you can find her exploring NYC with her husband, learning about different cultures, meditating, or boxing!

If she could have three famous friends, they would be Trevor Noah, Mindy Kaling, and Michelle Obama.

Kendra Canty

Project Manager

Amanda Lu

Network Analyst

Christine Boston

Project Manager

Hannah Marzocco

Project Manager

Hannah comes to Unite Us from a background in non-profit management and education. After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a double major in Women and Gender Studies and Spanish Literature, Hannah moved to San Francisco to begin her career working in prevention, youth development and serving low-income populations. Hannah has a strong passion for building capacity in communities in the domains of health, human, and social services. With a Master’s in Education and Administrative Leadership, Hannah strives to connect people to what they need, when they need it; while problem-solving to create meaningful, collaborative systems.

Originally from the mountains of Colorado, Hannah enjoys the outdoors, mostly by mountain/road biking and XC skiing, yoga, and exploring all aspects of the culinary world.

If Hannah could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Brené Brown, Frida Kahlo, and Amy Poehler.

Anna Becker

Project Manager

Emily Pigott

Customer Success Manager

After receiving her BA in Psychology and minor in Spanish Language from the University of Maryland, Emily worked in care navigation at a Federally Qualified Health Center serving Washington, DC's diverse patient population. She learned firsthand how social determinants of health can hinder a patient's health, which made her want to impact change at a systematic level. This inspired her to receive her MPH from George Washington University to obtain formal training on how to bridge gaps for marginalized communities to be healthy.

Outside of the office, you can find Emily running around Prospect Park, talking about how much she wants a puppy, or dragging her fiancé to try a new Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn.

If Emily could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Julia Roberts, Chance the Rapper, and Michael Scott.

Tiani Samingoen-Moore

Customer Success Representative

Brittany Sachs

Account Manager

Drew Dickson-Parham

Community Engagement Manager

Hana Bole

Customer Success Manager

Bianca Garcia

Customer Success Representative

Annika Gage

Customer Success Manager

Nika Kineva

Senior Project Manager

Samantha Adelberg

Community Engagement Manager

As a Community Engagement Manager, Samantha believes in the importance of both elevating and centering the voices of clients and communities to design and implement solutions. She is drawn to complex systems and has worked with start-ups, impact investors, and human service agencies to use data and design to develop and execute on strategy. After graduating from Brown University with an honors B.S. in Geology-Biology, Samantha served as a Fulbright Research Scholar in Panama, where she published a book of oral folklore, and later completed her MPA at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School. Samantha loves dancing, yoga, traveling and wearing wool socks.

If Samantha could choose 3 famous best friends they would be James Baldwin, Zora Neal Hurston, and Liana Fink.


Michael De Lorenzo


Michael has been building new platforms for companies large and small across a variety of verticals for nearly 15 years. After earning a BS in Management Information Systems from Saint Joseph’s University, he’s experienced the highs and lows of life in venture-backed start-ups in San Francisco and New York City. Michael enjoys exploring new technologies and applying them to hard to solve problems. In the little free time he has, Michael spends time with his wife Jennifer and their three children.

If Michael could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Yogi Berra, Rudy Giuliani, and Rick Grimes.

Brad Arner

VP Engineering

Brad has been building software products for start-ups since leaving the military. He is interested in creating applications that make people’s day-to-day life better. After graduating from Ohio State University, Brad joined the United States Army and served on deployments to Iraq and Africa. Brad is a programming language enthusiast. He is particularly interested in functional programming, machine learning and distributed computing. He spends all his free time with his wife and their son.

If Brad could choose 3 famous best friends they would be: The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Marcus Aurelias, Benjamin Franklin

Bill Alton

Senior Software Engineer

Bill is passionate about developing products that positively affect the lives of others. Since graduating from Illinois Tech in 2009, he has spent his time building a wide variety of products including websites, iPhone apps, and other software solutions. A product of the midwest, Bill loves the outdoors and has a strong do-it-yourself attitude which he uses to encourage others not to be afraid to tackle their problems head-on.

If Bill could choose 3 famous best friends they would be: Bob Vila, Galileo, Mitt Romney

Sherard Bailey

Senior Software Engineer

Sherard is originally from Trinidad and Tobago and moved to the US right after high school. He earned a BS in Math from Adelphi University and an MS in Computer Science from NYU. Over his career, he's crafted robust, scalable user experiences in a variety of technologies for several highly-trafficked sites including American Express, The Huffington Post and The Knot. This Spotify power-user enjoys biking around the city in summer, long weekends on the couch playing video games and shiny, new tech toys.

If Sherard could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Barack Obama, Dave Chappelle, and Alexander the Great.

Jacob Moeller

Senior Software Engineer

After graduating with a degree in physics from Mount Allison University in Canada, Jacob spent several years working as a geophysicist, collecting data on mountains and glaciers in Alaska and the Yukon. He somehow found his way out of the mountains and made a career transition to software development, working in Toronto and Virginia before he and his wife landed in New York City. Jacob enjoys learning new technologies and using them to solve meaningful problems. In his spare time he jogs, meditates and attempts to fly a kite in Prospect Park, so far with limited success.

If Jacob could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Carl Sagan, Carrie Brownstein, and Dennis Ritchie.

Stephen Golubieski

Senior Director UX/UI

Stephen’s long journey began in the later parts of the prior millennium where he started as a print designer quickly moving up the ranks to being a Senior Designer in the newspaper world (for anyone who remembers those). After moving to the magazine side of life he found a new passion in the film world where he edited and created special effects for up and coming directors. When the “app” revolution struck the world Stephen decided that he wanted to be a part of it helping a Fortune 500 company bring their medical reference application to the real world. Completing that he decided that he wanted to help new up and coming companies make some noise. Stephen has been in the start-up world since 2013.

If Stephen could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Groot, Bucky Barnes, and Andre Aggassi.

Micah Corn

Software Engineer

Micah moved up to New York 15 years ago and worked his way through Queens College earning a BS in Graphic Design. After spending two years as a freelance graphic designer he chose to dive into web development. He enjoys learning new technologies and is motivated to continuously improve himself professionally. In his free time, he can be found making arts and crafts with his wife Debra and their two daughters.

If Micah could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Claude Monet, Tom Rowlands/Ed Simmons, and Tom Brown Jr.

Alex Lee

Senior Software Engineer

Alex has had an interesting journey to where he is now. Graduating from University of California San Diego with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, he moved to Austin Texas for three years to work as a Semiconductor Engineer. Realizing that his current industry wasn’t satisfying him from a technical perspective, he found a new passion in coding and web development. He moved to New York to start a new career and now finds himself challenging himself everyday with new technologies. In his free time, Alex likes to travel and explore.

If Alex could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Calvin, Hobbes, and Drake.

Tom Brehm

Software Engineer

Tom is originally from France where he worked as a freelance web developer for four years after having experience in industrial and database software development. His keenness for making things beautiful and functional comes from his interest in design and architecture. He likes finding new ways to solve common problems. In his free time, Tom enjoys discovering places and people.

If Tom could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Charles Eames, Tim Burton, and Magic Johnson.

Kevin Grammer

Senior Software Engineer- Team Lead

Kevin has worn a lot of hats in his life, but only the kinds that don’t mess up his hair. Before becoming a developer in 2012, he spent time as a deli manager, college soccer coach and assistance editor, making dog and cat television shows for Animal Planet.

Kevin ended up getting his Masters in Computer Science and now utilizes his creative and technical skills to write clean, readable code (he also appreciates a nice UI). When he’s not riding the LIRR, Kevin enjoys playing soccer, watching movies and hanging out with his soon-to-be-wife, Jill, and their 5 lb. dog, A.C. Slater.

If Kevin could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Maya Rudolph, Phil Lynott, and the Brother From Teen Witch.

Jeff Wood

Software Engineer

Bita Djaghouri

Software Engineer

After graduating from UCLA with a B.A. in American History and English, Bita learned how to write code, and worked as a developer in the tech industry for a number of years. She was later accepted into the engineering residency program at Codesmith where she collaborated with other programmers to build open-source projects. After Codesmith, Bita joined Unite Us where she is able to combine her enthusiasm for programming and problem-solving with her passion for helping others. She enjoys camping, watching documentaries, photography, and reading historical biographies. Bita recently moved to NYC with her dog, Django.

If Bita could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Michelle Obama, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Hedy Lamarr.

Abdoulaye Diack

QA Engineer

Originally from Paris, Abdoulaye started working for one of the largest french IPTV to improve their end-user experience. After a few years, he relocated to New York City where he continued to expand his skillset in Quality Assurance Engineering. Before joining Unite Us, he led the QA efforts of several media companies in the US including NBC Universal and AT&T which resulted in better products and contents being delivered to the public.

Abdoulaye holds a MS degree in Computer Science from Institut Mines-Télécom (France) and Polytechnique Montréal (Canada).

In his free time, Abdoulaye enjoys reading biographies, traveling with friends and family and attending Broadway shows. You can also catch him running up and down a basketball court on a beautiful day or at the gym.

If Abdoulaye could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Thomas Edison, Isabel Martínez de Perón, and Kobe Bryant.

George Hernandez

Senior Software Engineer

George has been developing software for over 10 years and considers it his true passion. He loves the challenge of making software as scalable and performant as possible. After serving five years in the United States Army, including a tour in Afghanistan, George attended Arizona State University, where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. In his free time, he enjoys spending all of the time he can with his wife and two little ones.

If George could choose 3 famous friends, they would be Dennis Ritchie, Pancho Villa, and Jack Kerouac.

Sarah Rivas

Sarah Rivas

Software Engineer

Sarah is a Software Engineer at Unite Us who is passionate about Web technology and building impactful software for our partners. After graduating from New York University with a degree in Economics, she began her career working to improve patient outcomes in the Clinical Research Department of Memorial Sloan Kettering. Through her work and curiosity, she discovered the field of Software Development and graduated from the Flatiron School. She loves the constantly evolving nature and technical breadth of working on modern web applications. Outside of work, she loves traveling and listening to live music.

If Sarah could choose 3 best famous best friends, they would be Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michelle Obama, and Michael Scott (from the Office).

Damian Spriggs

Product Support Manager

Jarret Bryan

Jarret Bryan

Software Engineer

Jarret Bryan is a software engineer and creative technologist who is passionate about exploring the ways technology can alter our everyday experience. He earned a BA from Brown University in Science & Technology Studies and started a new career in coding and web development after working in the legal field. In his free time, Jarret plays Dungeons and Dragons and listens to too many podcasts.

If Jarret could choose 3 famous best friends, they would be Colson Whitehead, Chaz Bear, and Janelle Monae.

Erik Belusic

Senior Software Engineer

After graduating from New Jersey Institute of Technology, Erik spent time working at a small digital agency building websites and applications for clients. From there he joined a consulting firm, building internal tools to streamline business processes. Erik is passionate about solving problems, learning how things work, and sharing knowledge both in and out of the technology domain. Outside of work Erik enjoys riding his motorcycle, grilling steaks, and has an unhealthy obsession with time travel movies.

If Erik could choose 3 celebrity best friends, they would be Paul Walker, Ricky Gervais, and Batman

Carol Mirakove

Senior QA Engineer

Carol began testing software while pursuing her MFA in creative writing. By the time she graduated, her love for engineering — and for breaking things — developed into a compelling career path. Carol has led QA on solutions for startups and enterprise companies, consistently improving quality of service. Outside of work she takes advantage of NYC's bountiful art, theater, and poetry offerings.

If Carol could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Hilma af Klint, Audre Lorde, and Etel Adnan.

Daniel Kim

Software Engineer

Daniel graduated from Lehigh University in 2016 with a B.A. in political science. He worked as a legal assistant for a year and a half before deciding to learn how to code. He self-studied for a few months before attending a coding bootcamp in NYC, and afterward found his way to Unite Us. On his down time, Daniel enjoys playing basketball, sketching and watching movies.

If Daniel could choose three famous best friends they would be Eric Liddell, Jack Johnson and Jimmy Chin.

Aaron Berns

Software Engineer

Adam Tanner

Senior Software Engineer

David Lo

Senior Software Engineer

Tyler Sargent

Senior Software Engineer

Tyler spent a number of years in a touring band, where he was both the bass player and the de facto IT guy. Since then he has worked at digital agencies and startups as a software engineer. When he is not programming, he enjoys playing music and listening to Peter and the Wolf with his four year-old. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Maya, and their daughters, Noa and Alma.

If Tyler could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Fred Rogers, John Coltrane, and Bach.

Julissa Lema

Software Engineer

Leah Garber

QA Engineer

Chris Benedict

Software Engineer


Eshed Doni

VP of Product

Eshed is passionate about bringing good ideas to life and making life easier via the use of technology. Eshed finds it difficult to resist the temptation to build new solutions to address problems crying for solutions.

Eshed started his career as a software development manager in the Israeli Air Force and has since spent equal periods of time building, growing and evolving engineering and product teams, focusing on startups across a variety of markets. Eshed holds BSc in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the Technion. Eshed is an avid traveler and loves hiking and scuba diving.

If Eshed could choose 3 famous best friends, they would be The Dalai Lama, Paul Auster, and Paul David Hewson.

Emilia Toro

Product Manager

Emilia has worked in healthcare and technology in various capacities, and is happy to have settled at the intersection of the two. After studying International Development and Hispanic Studies at Brown University, she spent a few years in Washington DC as a global health consultant. She then moved to New York City and shifted gears for her first foray into tech at the online food ordering service Grubhub/Seamless. She jumped at the opportunity to bring her combined set of skills to the founding team of a patient engagement start-up, where she led product management. Emilia continues to enjoy building solutions for health and social service providers as well as their clients. In her free time, Emilia can be found exploring the city with her beloved dog, Gia.

If Emilia could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Stephen Colbert, Michelle Obama, and Pam/Jim from The Office (package deal).

Nick Cox

Product Manager

Nick is an ever-curious optimist, finding endless joy in the world's puzzles. Fittingly, Unite Us sits at the intersection of Nick's three main interests: Health, Technology, and Communication. Technology can help us improve efficiency and, he believes, further empower dreamers to keep making all our lives better.

Nick received both his BS in Global Community Health and his Master's in Health Communication from George Mason University, where he also served as a speech coach and instructor. When he's not absorbed in the Unite Us product and communities, he can be found listening to podcasts, doodling, and/or playing board games.

If Nick could recruit any 3 famous people as best friends, they would be Demitri Martin, Haruki Murakami, and Sara Quin.

Elizabeth Piazza

Product Manager

Operations & Finance

Kelly Seeman

Chief of Staff

After Kelly graduated from James Madison University with a double major in Computer Information Systems and Accounting, she moved to DC to experience the beltway for a few years. While there she provided project management support to the DoJ and DoD with her last project focused in Combat Systems Engineering for the United States Navy. Eventually, she found herself a little closer to home in NYC where she discovered a love for all things operations. Often, Kelly is referred to as the “jack of all trades” but really just loves a challenge and has a passion for helping people and civic technology. When she isn’t at Unite Us you can find her spending time with her friends and family, traveling somewhere, or binge watching Netflix on her couch.

If Kelly could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Sophia Loren, Joe Biden, and Meryl Streep.

Bill Perilli


Bill is a financial executive, specializing in the technology and financial services industries, with experience ranging from pre-revenue / startup through IPO. He currently serves as the CFO for Unite Us. Bill began his career as a CPA with Ernst & Young, LLP in their Life Sciences assurance practice. Subsequently, he worked for two Ernst & Young clients: American Capital, publicly traded BDC traded under the ticker “ACAS” ($4B AUM; later acquired by Ares Management “ARES”) and Cardinal Partners, a boutique VC focused on Healthcare IT investing ($0.4B AUM), followed by several CFO roles at various Venture / PE backed technology startups.

If Bill could choose 3 famous best friends, they would be Vince Vaughn, Derek Jeter, and JC.

Brian LaFleur

Accounting Manager

After obtaining his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from Binghamton University, Brian moved to NYC to begin his career at RSM, where he audited financial statements of public and private companies over a wide range of industries. He quickly developed a passion for start-up companies, particularly in the software industry. After gaining additional experience in the private sector at several software start-ups, Brian brings a strong financial and accounting background to Unite Us. While not at work, Brian spends his time with friends, seeking out new bars & restaurants in NYC, attending as many Islanders, Yankees and Jets games as humanly possible, and attempting to golf.

If Brian could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Dave Grohl, Ryan Reynolds, and Rickie Fowler.

Megan Sufka

Head of People

Megan graduated from the University of Minnesota with degrees in Human Resources and Business Marketing. She loves working with people and believes strongly in humanizing the workplace - promoting flexibility, collaboration, and empathy as the best ways to see team members succeed.

Megan loves to travel and has lived in 9 states and 3 countries, recently returning to the US from a couple years in Singapore and Australia. While abroad she obtained an executive coaching certification, working 1x1 with people to help them improve their careers and personal lives. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Andrew, and their dog, Cooper. She can be bribed with tacos and Perrier.

If Megan could choose 3 famous best friends they would be: Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama, and Amy Schumer.

Esther Farkas

SVP Legal and Business Affairs, General Counsel

Mike Sharkey

IT Manager

Michael is a strong believer in the power of “positive thinking,” something he attributes to his experience living with Crohn’s Disease since a diagnosis in 2003. A graduate from the College of Health and Human Development at Penn State University, he utilizes his technical knowledge and deep understanding of the end user to ensure a stable product and the best possible experience for Unite Us clients. “Sharkey” is a big fan of pizza and Apple products, most likely spending his time trying to convince you that a combination of those two things will solve all your problems.

If Sharkey could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Steve Jobs, Robin Williams, and Ferris Bueller (as played by Mathew Broderick).

Dan Estanquiero

VP of Financial Planning & Analysis

Elise Riffel


Funmi Dosunmu

Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Jake Thomson

Director of Strategic Projects

Alejandra Love

Director of Learning & Development

Alex is passionate about empowering people to perform with excellence. After graduating with a BA, Alex began working as an elementary school educator but quickly realized she could make a greater impact on the lives of children as a coach to other educators. With a new perspective on the power of adult learning, Alex returned to school earning her MPA with a dual major in Management and Nonprofit Administration.

Holding firm to the belief that quality learning programs are a key component to ongoing organizational success, Alex took on the Director of Learning and Development in hopes of collaborating with the Unite Us team to do great things in the realm of healthcare coordination. She enjoys family time with her husband and daughter.

If Alex could choose 3 famous best friends they would be Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, and Beyonce.

Ramona Robles

Manager of Learning & Development

Ramona is a lifelong learner, organizer, and experienced solution-finder. With a curiosity and passion for improving the world around her, Ramona pursued work to serve her community resulting in an extensive background in behavior therapy, education, and social work.

As a Social Worker, Ramona developed a skill for and enjoyed guiding, coaching and empowering her colleagues and peers. This inspired her to pursue a Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. After obtaining her degree, Ramona moved from California to New York, where she combined her knowledge in workplace behavior with an empathetic approach for connecting with people, to establish a career in Organizational Development. As an Organizational Development professional, Ramona has developed sustainable processes, coached employees, and led workshops to empower and educate her peers. At Unite Us, as Manager of Learning and Development, Ramona will use this experience to support Unite Us in connecting communities across the country.

On her free time, Ramona loves to read, learn new recipes, explore new restaurants, facetime with family, and travel.

If Ramona could choose three famous best friends they would be Maya Angelou, Amy Poehler, and Sonia Sotomayor.

Matt Stadler

Financial Analyst


Monica Son

Senior Quantitative Analyst

Monica is the Senior Quantitative Analyst at Unite Us. She is passionate about healthcare and is particularly interested in coming up with innovative solutions that remove barriers to healthcare in vulnerable populations. Her experience in the space includes pricing insurance products on various state exchanges, evaluating value-based contract arrangements, and working directly with clinicians to develop new interventions on treating patients.

Prior to Unite Us, Monica led the data analytics team at Call9, an emergency telemedicine provider to nursing home residents, and worked on actuarial consulting projects at Milliman. Monica has a B.A. in Statistics and Geography from Mount Holyoke College.

In her free time, Monica likes to read, get lost in Prospect Park, travel, and learn new things.

If Monica could choose three famous best friends, they would be Conan O’Brien, Rihanna, and Ilana Glazer.