Health encompasses much more than just clinical care. Connecticut hospitals and health systems are leading the nation to transform care delivery with a statewide collaborative to address social determinants of health.

What is Unite Connecticut?

Unite Connecticut is a statewide network that connects health and social services providers with a shared technology platform to address social needs and deliver integrated care.

The network was launched through a partnership between the Connecticut Hospital Association and Unite Us, an outcome-focused technology company that builds coordinated care networks. Through the Connecticut Hospital Association’s leadership, hospitals and health systems are integrating social determinants of health into healthcare practice, effectively addressing needs on both an individual and statewide level. CHA is the first hospital association to invest in a statewide social determinants of health solution.

Why join?

- Extend high-quality clinical care into social determinants, ensuring that patients receive needed social services once they leave the clinical setting.
- Enable hospitals to address effectively social needs on a statewide level and gain insight into the patient journey.
- Develop real-time connections between hospitals/health systems and community partners.
- Build healthier communities and improve health outcomes.
- Increase collaboration, transparency, and efficiency across sectors.

Interested in learning more?

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