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The Military lifestyle can be very complex for you as an active service member, veteran, or family member, who will eventually begin a new life in the civilian world. You may need access to resources at any point during or after your time in service, or have valuable experience to share that can assist others.

Get involved in your community and connect with those that could use your expertise, or find the resources and members that can assist in your endeavor. Discover non-profits and services that assist in something specific, other individuals that can share their experiences, events, jobs, or updates on what's important to the military community.

Unite US facilitates searching and engaging within your community based on what matters most.

You already make the world a better place for veterans and their families, and Unite US wants to help enhance the impact you are making.

As a featured organization on Unite US, you have the ability to reach and assist those looking for your services, and those looking to support your organization and its’ objectives.

You will have access to a unique toolset to assist in accomplishing your mission. Unite US provides an all-encompassing platform including custom member management tools, social media integration, and data analytics reporting so you can maximize operations & workflow efficiency, while enhancing your impact on the audience you seek to serve.

As a spouse or a family member of someone who serves in the military, you are the backbone of our community. Unite US is here to provide you direct access to needed resources, avenues to share your experiences and best practices, and to continually empower you as the cornerstone of America's military community.

You are a civilian supporter and want to give back to the military community, but may not know how. As a valuable resource on Unite US, there is someone and some way that you can make an impact. From engaging with your community or volunteering time to your favorite non-profit, Unite US will empower you to support the military community in your own way.